Rémy Galichet

In 1998, Rémy Galichet entered the Reims Conservatoire to study with Rudy Sauvage. He then continued his studies under jazz trombone player Phil Abraham and performed regularly on stage in the Soft Horn 41 brass section.

In 2000, Rémy Galichet entered the Paris Conservatoire to study for a higher diploma in the sound engineering professions, graduating four years later. The Conservatoire served as his laboratory for musical experimentation that included recordings of various ensembles and the production of his own arrangements and compositions. Passionate about orchestration in particular involving strings, he met Marie-Jeanne Serero who persuaded him to turn to arrangement. He therefore completed his training in orchestration under Alain Louvier, and in orchestral conducting with Alexandre Grandé.

Since then, Rémy Galichet has arranged albums for very many variety artists including Charles Aznavour, Petula Clark, Yael Naïm, Benjamin Biolay, Vincent Delerm, Alain Chamfort, Michel Delpech, Michel Jonasz, Renan Luce, Arman Méliès, Elodie Frégé, Chimène Badi, Hugh Coltman, Tahiti 80, Fugu, Wax Tailor…  He has also orchestrated  Jean Philippe Verdin, Albin de la Simone, Alex Beaupain, Michel Leclerc, Levon Minassian’s film music.

Rémy Galichet also works as a sound engineer and artistic director with classical ensembles such as the Quatuor à cordes Résonance, Trio Miroir, Ensemble à vent de Bourgogne, Quintet de Cuivres Or not brass, Grand Choral des Nuits de Champagne ou diverses formations issues de L’Opéra National de Paris et L’Opéra de Rouen.

In addition, Rémy Galichet was the founder of the pop group Diving with Andy within which he developed his talents both in the studio and on stage as a composer, arranger, pianist, guitarist and trombone player. The Group’s first two albums,  Diving with Andy and Sugar Sugar, released in 2006 and 2009 respectively, were followed by a European tour. Several tracks from these albums were selected for use in television series and advertisements.