Summertime Score is Summertime’s dedicated film music department, created in 2005 by Guilain Ranouil and Rémy Galichet. The comprehensive range of artistic and technical services it offers enables it to take charge of any kind of audiovisual musical production from start to finish:

  • Arrangements
  • Orchestrations
  • Preparation of scores
  • Copying: publication and printing of scores
  • Studio management: reservation of recording studios and auditoriums
  • Orchestral  (and soloist) management: handling of contracts and remuneration
  • Orchestral conducting
  • Artistic direction
  • Recording in 5.1: latest orchestral sound recording techniques
  • Editing: editing using Protools, Sequoya, and Pyramix software
  • Sound mixing in 5.1 and stereo
  • Mastering for broadcasting in cinemas and for the creation of the Original Soundtrack of the film CD.